Idaho House Votes to Encourage Holding Physical Gold and Silver to Protect State Reserves

Boise, Idaho (February 11, 2021) — The Idaho State House today overwhelmingly approved a bill which enables the State Treasurer to protect state reserve funds from inflation and financial risk by holding physical gold and silver.  State representatives voted 51-19 to pass House Bill 7, the Idaho Sound Money Reserves bill, sending the measure introduced […]

REPORT: Gold & Silver Generating Positive Real Returns

One of the most bullish backdrops for precious metals is an environment of negative real interest rates – that is, when bonds and cash yield less than the inflation rate. With inflationary pressures picking up and the Federal Reserve showing no signs of lifting its benchmark rate anytime soon, real short-term rates could fall even […]

EMX Royalty Options 5 Battery Metal Projects

Source: Maurice Jackson for Streetwise Reports   02/09/2021 Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable sits down with Dr. Eric Jensen, CEO of prospect generator EMX Royalty, to discuss the company’s new option agreements on five battery metal projects in Scandinavia, as well as its other projects. Maurice Jackson: Joining us for a conversation is Dr. Eric […]

Silver Situation Update from Stefan Gleason

Dear Money Metals friend, Even though the social-media-driven #SilverSqueeze campaign has fizzled – at least in terms of the dramatic burst of buying it caused – heavy retail accumulation of silver coins, bars, and rounds continues apace. In the last two weeks, there has been a greater awakening about the silver story – its growing […]

Element 29 Resources, a Pure-Play Peru #Copper Story with 2 Promising Projects

Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports   02/09/2021 Peter Epstein of Epstein Research discusses this newly listed company with “two 100%-owned, potentially world-class copper porphyry projects in Peru.” There’s been a tremendous amount of attention on gold juniors over the past year, and rightfully so. Gold at $1,846/oz is up +27% from 2020’s March low (down […]

Energy Metals Lead the Charge

Gold and silver aren’t the only viable plays in the metals space – and they aren’t currently the leaders. On Wednesday, both copper and platinum rallied up to multi-year highs. Rhodium, meanwhile, currently commands $21,000 per ounce – yes, per ounce – making it one of the most valuable elements on the planet. What’s driving […]

Short the Fed, Buy Gold

Source: Peter Krauth for Streetwise Reports   02/09/2021 Peter Krauth, editor of Gold Resource Investor, explains why corporate America is beginning to see gold as a necessary reserve asset. Yellen is Treasury Secretary. Powell is Fed Chair. And Sanders is head of the Senate Budget Committee. Most of the time, it’s impossible to tell the future. […]