Volatility Increases as Markets Worry about Higher Rates

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. Gold and silver markets gyrated up and down following the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting on Wednesday. Fed chairman Jay Powell recommitted to keeping the central bank’s benchmark funds rate near zero. This, even as surging bond yields seem to be sending a market signal that […]

Gold Terra Resource Increases Yellowknife City Resource 64% to 1.2 Moz Gold

Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports   03/18/2021 The Critical Investor looks into the significantly increased resource estimate Gold Terra released for the Yellowknife City Gold Project in the Northwest Territories. As Gold Terra Resource Corp. (YGT:TSX.V; YGTFF:OTC; TXO:FSE) has been drilling its Yellowknife City Gold project diligently since the company turnaround, the first resounding […]

Prices Are Set to Soar

“Government,” observed the great Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises, “is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper and make it worthless by applying ink.” Mises was describing the curse of inflation, the process whereby government expands a nation’s money supply and thereby erodes the value of each monetary unit—dollar, peso, pound, franc, […]

As the Price of Copper Rises, Golden Arrow Resources Focuses on Copper Project in Chile

Source: The Critical Investor for Streetwise Reports   03/17/2021 The Critical Investor explains why he believes Golden Arrow is in an ideal situation to profit from renewed enthusiasm for copper and precious metals. As copper is riding at nine-year highs lately, Golden Arrow Resources Corp. (GRG:TSX.V; GARWF:OTCQB; G6A:FSE) acknowledged this fact and recently made an adjustment […]

Marvel Discovery Corp., Formerly International Montoro Resources, Features Multi-Metallic Assets

Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports   03/16/2021 Peter Epstein of Epstein Research looks into the gold, copper, nickel, cobalt, PGEs, REEs and uranium prospects on Marvel Discovery’s properties. Exploits Zone, Newfoundland (1. Slip and 2. Victoria Lake—Au prospects) Atikokan, Ontario (3. BlackFly—Au prospect) Red Lake, Ontario (4. Camping Lake—Au prospect) Elliot Lake, Ontario (5. Serpent […]

Is Inflation or Deflation Coming?

By the M0 measure of the money supply, there was a 52% increase between February 2020 and January of this year. This is a graph of M0 going back to 2000. There. Proof of the coming hyperinflation. It took centuries to get to $3.4 trillion monetary base, and less than a year to increase it […]

Celebrate the Return of the Golden Bull

Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports   03/15/2021 Sector expert Michael Ballanger considers how recent market moves have influenced investment in the precious metals markets. I had not intended to hit the keyboard today, having worked all week to prepare the Special Situations Report on my top-performing Norseman Silver Ltd. (NOC:TSX.V) (whose 65% year-to-date advance and […]

Careless Wishes and Making a Date with Dr. Copper

Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports   03/08/2021 Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the role of hubris in the banking system, as well as the rising prospects of industrial metals like copper. “Today we’re still a long way from our goals of maximum employment and inflation averaging 2% over time. . .” —Jerome Powell; March 4, […]