A Secret Weapon For Live Gold Price

Are you looking for info about Live Gold Price? Is it essential for you to obtain the best information regarding Live Gold Price Best Range? Among the best investment strategies is to invest in gold trading. Trading gold is both similar to the trading of stocks and is different in the sense that it also […]

Cashing In on Gold…and Green: A Streetwise Live Broadcast

Source: Streetwise Reports   06/08/2021 In this broadcast, host Cyndi Edwards interviewed metals expert Matt Badiali who discussed a gold company he is watching that is also a green energy play. The Streetwise Live! Broadcast on June 4, 2021, focused on Seabridge Gold Inc. (SEA:TSX; SA:NYSE.MKT) and its large copper resources—in addition to its gold. Precious […]

Congressman Presses Secretary Yellen for Disclosure of U.S. Gold Activities

Washington, DC (June 10, 2021) – As foreign governments reportedly accumulate gold and de-dollarize their sovereign wealth funds, a Republican congressman is asking tough questions of the U.S. Treasury about its secretive gold activities. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) – sponsor of the Gold Reserve Transparency Act of 2021 (H.R. 3526) to require the first true […]

The Origins of COVID-19, Transitory Inflation and Precious Metals

Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports   06/08/2021 Sector expert Michael Ballanger discusses the origins of the pandemic and the latest market moves. As I reflect back upon the events of the past twenty-one months, I have some difficulty remembering what our lives were like before this man-made pathogen threw the global economy into chaos. An […]

More Banks & Investors Are NOT Believing Fed Propaganda

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. As inflation continues to heat up, gold and silver markets are once again on the verge of breaking out. On Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its much-anticipated Consumer Price Index data. The CPI came in at a full 5.0% year-over-year through May. The […]

What Is Driving Gold?

Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports   06/10/2021 Money manager Adrian Day looks at two factors that have been moving gold, and provides updates on several resource companies he believes are progressing in this strong market, with some “strong buys” among the group. The recent jump in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) generated a lot of […]

These Three Industry Experts Have Newrange Gold on Their Radar

Source: Streetwise Reports   06/09/2021 All three have Buy recommendations on this exploration company. Newrange Gold Corp. (NRG:TSX.V; NRGOF:OTCQB), a small-cap exploration company that has found high-grade gold mineralization on its property in Nevada, has caught the attention of industry observers. Analyst Mark Reichman of Noble Capital Markets rates Newrange Outperform. Gwen Preston of The Maven […]

Are You Positioned for the Coming Flight to Quality?

The S&P 500 moved to within a smidgen of a new record high earlier this week. Based on this benchmark stock market index’s recent performance, all seems well and good for risk assets. Underneath the surface, however, warning signs are flashing for investors in financial markets. Over the past several weeks, significant selloffs have occurred […]

Resetting the Federal Debt

According to the US Treasury, the federal government owes $28.2 trillion. It crossed the “28” threshold on the last day of March. The debt was just under $25 trillion at the end of April a year ago. There’s no question it’s growing at a faster and faster pace, and now there’s the excuse of Covid […]