Is Inflation or Deflation Coming?

By the M0 measure of the money supply, there was a 52% increase between February 2020 and January of this year. This is a graph of M0 going back to 2000. There. Proof of the coming hyperinflation. It took centuries to get to $3.4 trillion monetary base, and less than a year to increase it […]

Celebrate the Return of the Golden Bull

Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports   03/15/2021 Sector expert Michael Ballanger considers how recent market moves have influenced investment in the precious metals markets. I had not intended to hit the keyboard today, having worked all week to prepare the Special Situations Report on my top-performing Norseman Silver Ltd. (NOC:TSX.V) (whose 65% year-to-date advance and […]

Careless Wishes and Making a Date with Dr. Copper

Source: Michael Ballanger for Streetwise Reports   03/08/2021 Sector expert Michael Ballanger explores the role of hubris in the banking system, as well as the rising prospects of industrial metals like copper. “Today we’re still a long way from our goals of maximum employment and inflation averaging 2% over time. . .” ¬óJerome Powell; March 4, […]

New York Markets Have Obliterated Silver Prices over Time

Many investors sense that the country, and the world, has drifted into uncharted territory. The last year has been extraordinary. There have been COVID lockdowns, a disputed presidential election, and multi-trillion-dollar federal deficits and bailouts. The Federal Reserve has injected more money into markets than ever before. This insanity showed up in the physical gold […]

Royalty Companies and Explorers Are On Sale

Source: Adrian Day for Streetwise Reports   03/11/2021 Money manager Adrian Day reviews recent developments at gold and resource companies, noting that “by happenstance, this review includes most of my very favorite long-term resource holdings, all ‘buys’ at current prices.” The royalty and streaming sector had a good 2020, with the business itself quite strong, despite […]

Undervalued Canadian Miner Has ‘Blue Sky’ Potential

Source: Peter Epstein for Streetwise Reports   03/11/2021 In this interview with Rana Vig, the CEO of Blue Lagoon Resources, Peter Epstein of Epstein Research explores the company’s options for producing high-grade gold, silver and copper, as well as its exploration potential at its British Columbia project. Blue Lagoon Resources Inc. (BLLG:CSE; BLAGF:OTCQB) could be the […]

EMX Royalty: $40 Million Cash, Zero Debt and 250 Mineral Assets

Source: Maurice Jackson for Streetwise Reports   03/11/2021 The CEO of EMX Royalty, David Cole, speaks with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable, about the company’s model of integrating organic royalty growth with the purchase of royalties. Maurice Jackson: Joining us for a conversation is David Cole, the CEO of EMX Royalty Corp. (EMX:TSX.V; EMX:NYSE.American), the […]

Biden Showers States with Bailout Money, Are Tax Hikes Next?

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. As Washington prepares to pump another $1.9 trillion in stimulus into the economy, asset prices are lifting. From food to housing to equities to precious metals, inflationary pressures are being felt in all markets this week. Investors can thank politicians and their enablers at the […]